Naples Security Cameras

Naples security Cameras

We install Naples Security Cameras in residential and light commercial settings. We work with the following brands: Dahua, Hikvision, Ring, and Digital Watchdog. All of our cameras will have an app for remote viewing. We offer a variety of resolutions starting at 4MP and going up from there.

We offer free estimates. Call us to schedule an estimate. After you meet with one of our technicians, we will email you a quote.

Considerations for Naples Security Cameras

  1. First, decide whether you want hardwired or wireless cameras. We generally recommend hardwired cameras. They are more reliable, and there is no monthly fee. There are applications where wireless cameras make sense, however. If you’re installing two cameras or less, it will probably be more economical to install wireless cameras. If you do wish to use a wireless application, we recommend Ring cameras. We have used them for years with good success.
  2. Determine how many cameras you want. What areas of the house do you want covered? If you’re not sure, ask our technician when he comes to do the quote what he recommends.
  3. Decide how important it is for the cameras to perform at night. Standard cameras will show a black and white video at night up to 30 feet from the camera. We do offer full-color night vision cameras at a higher cost. If night vision is crucial to you, let us know when we give the estimate.
  4. Decide what resolution you need. Most modern cameras have excellent resolution even in the base models. However, if you need extremely high resolution (4k or 8k), there are options available. Refer to the photo below for guidance.
Naples Security Cameras