The purpose of this page is to help those customers who wish to be more hands-on to identify and resolve maintenance issues.

How to Stop the Beeping?

The most common question we receive is how to stop the alarm from beeping. Whenever there is a trouble alert, the alarm will beep until you acknowledge the trouble. This is true of virtually every brand of alarm. So, to stop the beeping, you simply need to acknowledge the trouble alert. Here are instructions for each alarm brand.

2gig Go Control

2gig Edge

Honeywell Systems

For Honeywell systems, you simply disarm the panel to silence trouble beeps.

DSC Systems

For DSC Systems, you push *2 and then #. For more information, refer to the DSC Troubleshooting Guide

What does loss of supervision mean?

Loss of supervision means a wireless sensor has lost connection to the alarm panel. This could either mean the batteries are low or the sensor is bad. The first step to resolve this is to replace the batteries.

How do I replace the batteries?

While wireless batteries may vary slightly by manufacturer, the process is the substantially the same as shown below: