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We install and service security cameras. We handle everything from small, one-camera installations to large, commercial installations. We’ve installed thousands of cameras and learned a few things along the way. Below you’ll find some helpful information and outline of process. 

Wireless Security Cameras vs. Hard-wired Security Cameras

One of the common questions we get is whether or not we install wireless security cameras. The answer is yes. However, the better question is whether or not you should install wireless security cameras? First of all, let’s establish what wireless means. “Wireless” in this context simply means that the data from the camera is transferred to the storage device (usually cloud-based) via your WiFi network; we will still need to run wires. The camera still needs power, and to get power to the device, we have to run wires. 

Next, there is the issues of range and reliability. Though many of the cameras claim they can be installed outdoors, this becomes problematic in Florida where the homes are made of concrete-block. If your router is not strong enough, your boosters stop working, the cameras are too far from the router, or a storm interferes with the signal, the wireless cameras will drop off the network. This can be terribly frustrating and requires resetting the camera, resetting the router, and sometimes re-installing the camera altogether. 

Therefore, we generally recommend wireless cameras only for indoor application and generally only when the customer needs 1-2 cameras. Beyond that, we recommend a hard-wired setup directly into your router, which will prove far more reliable. 

Coaxial vs. Cat 6

If you have an existing system that you want serviced, we’ll need to know if the wiring is coaxial wiring or Cat 5/6 wiring. We can service both types of cameras. For any new installation, we use Cat 6, which will allow for higher resolutions. In the industry, we generally  refer to security cameras that utilize Cat 6 wiring as IP cameras. They require less wiring, they don’t need a power supply, but the most important difference is substantially better resolution. Generally, we install 2 MP cameras which have a resolution that is equivalent to 1080p.  

How Long Will Security Cameras Record?

Hard-wired security cameras offer much more storage than wireless security cameras. They can generally be programmed to record all the time or when they detect motion. How long they can record will depend upon the number of cameras and the settings, but generally speaking you will get 30 days’ worth of footage when recording all the time on a hard-wired setup. 

Our Process

First, we’ll send a technician to your site to determine how many cameras you need/want and how to run the wires back to your router. Second, we email you a quote and discuss any issues/questions you have. Third, we’ll schedule a time for the installation. At the installation, you’ll need to sign our security camera installation agreement. Lastly, after the installation is coplete, the technician will program your devices and explain how to use the system. 

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