Compare Us to ADT

Compare Us to ADT

One of the common questions we often get is how does Vigilant compare to ADT, so this post will serve to answer that question. I will briefly compare equipment, prices, and service to help prospective customers see how Vigilant stacks up to ADT.

Disclaimer: ADT is a registered trademark of the the Tyco corporation, and Vigilant Security LLC has no affiliation with ADT, nor does Vigilant offer ADT products.


While ADT has many options for equipment at extra cost, we’ll compare the starter package that the vast majority of customers purchase. When you take advantage of ADT’s promotional $99 installation package, you are given 1 QuickConnect panel, 2 door sensors, 1 motion detector, and 1 key fob (pictured below). The first thing you’ll notice is that you get only 2 doors covered. Your next question is probably something like what happens if I have more than 2 doors that I want covered? The answer is that you have to pay for them. You can expect to pay $90-160 for any extra door or window that you want covered depending on the pricing of the ADT dealer.

Overall, this system is a good, wireless system. It’s a little old and outdated (its debut was about 10 years ago), but it is a good system nonetheless. The most common complaints about this system is 1) that it is big and bulky and 2) it is difficult to use because it requires memorizing combinations to access the system functions (e.g. code + 9 will turn on the chime feature).

Adt system

At Vigilant, we offer you our GoControl (pictured below). Our basic package comes with 3 doors, 2 window sensors, 1 motion detector, and 1 key fob (8 points total). You’ll notice that we offer 3 more door/window sensors than ADT, and our basic package costs you just $49 up front. Not bad huh? Next, our system is the latest on the market (its debut was 2010) and features a color touch-screen, which means there is no memorizing command functions. You can watch a video of our system in action on our homepage.


The ADT Quick Connect system is monitored through your telephone line. The Vigilant GoControl is monitored using cellular monitoring service. Why is this important? With the ADT system, if  your phone line is cut, you lose your service. With the Vigilant system, if your line is cut, your system will function as usual, and the authorities will be dispatched. Does the ADT have cellular monitoring? Of course, but you can expect to pay approximately $150 more for the cellular equipment and $8 more per month for monitoring.


So, now that you understand the difference in equipment and monitoring service, let’s talk about price. If you purchase the basic ADT package with its 2 door sensors, 1 motion, and 1 key fob, you can expect to pay $99 up front and $42.99 per month for monitoring through the phone. If you add the cellular monitoring, you can expect to purchase the cellular unit for an extra $150 and pay $50.99 for monitoring.

With Vigilant, you will pay $49 for installation and receive more equipment. The monitoring will just cost you $39.99 and that includes the cellular service.

You’ll have the option to choose our interactive service for $5, which allows you to control your system through your smart phone or over the internet as well as receive email notifications to your smart phone of alarm events such as arming, disarming, or alarm signals. Parents love this feature because it allows them to know that their kids made it home safely from school or that that their teenager didn’t really come home at 12 a.m. like he claims. Others love it because it allows them to arm their system from work if they forgot to arm it as they left their home. We’re sure you’ll love it too.

The bottom line is that when you compare us to ADT, you’ll quickly see why we say Vigilant means value. Call us today to set up an alarm system in your Southwest Florida home.

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