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We’re proud to serve our neighbors in the waterfront wonderland of Cape Coral. If you’re looking for Home Security Cape Coral, then contact us today for a quote. We guarantee to give you the best value on a new alarm system in the Cape Coral area.

Why Choose Vigilant Security for Cape Coral Home Security?

  1. We offer the best wireless alarm system on the market. The 2gig GoControl  has won the award of ”Best Wireless Alarm System” two years in a row from the Central Station Alarm Association and the Electronic Security Association. Not only this, but the system is modern looking and dependable.
  2. We give you more for your money. Other alarm companies such as ADT will only give you 2 door sensors and 1 motion detector in the base package and then sell the extras at a steep price. For the same $99 package that most companies offer, we’ll give 8 door/window sensors and 1 motion detector.
  3. Cellular Monitoring is Standard with Vigilant. Most companies will offer you a monitoring quote based on old-fashioned phone line monitoring. There are so many issues with this. First, many people no longer have a traditional landline and  are forced to pay extra for a cellular communicator and cellular monitoring. Second, monitoring via telephone line is vulnerable; simply cutting the line on the exterior of your home will make it so the alarm cannot communicate. With us, a cellular communicator comes standard, and our cellular monitoring rate is cheaper than our competitors’ rates.
  4. We offer all the latest technology. If you want to control your system via your smartphone, no problem. We do this everyday. If you wan to control your thermostat or control your front door lock via any internet-ready device. No problem; we do this all the time. If you want a camera in your home that will record based on motion detection and email you the footage? Perfect. Again, we do this all the time.
  5. We have excellent references. Whether you search Angie’s List or our Google Place Page, you’ll see we nothing but the highest reviews. This is because we are committed to ensuring that all of our customers have a five-star experience.

Here’s Our Current Offer for a New Cape Coral Home Security System

Home Security Ft. Myers FL | Current Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you monitor already existing alarm systems? 

Absolutely. If you just want to keep what you have, we can repair it and monitor it. If you want to upgrade it, we can do that too. Give us a call for a quote for your specific system.

How is the Crime in Cape Coral?

With regards to burglaries, there were 1,083 burglaries in Cape Coral in 2010.

How long is the agreement on a new installation?

Our standard agreement is 36 months. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis and would require a larger up-front payment.

What happens if I move?

We can move the system for you or install a new one at our discretion. You’ll pay an installation fee of $99, and the service will be transferred to your new location.

Do you service Ft. Myers or Lehigh Acres?

Absolutely. If you’re looking for ft. myers home security, Lehigh Acres home security, or Estero home security, we have you covered.

If you want home security cape coral, give us a call today at 239-963-2898 or fill out the form below if you prefer to communicate by email:

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