New Installations


Door/Window Sensors61010
Motion Detector111
Smoke/Heat Detector22
Z-wave Thermostat1
Z-wave Lock1
Initial Investment$49$199$299
Monthly Monitoring Rate$45$45$50
Commitment36 Months36 Months60 Months


2gig Door/Window Sensor$40Wireless sensor for a door or window.
2gig Wireless Motion Detector$80Wireless motion detector with pet immunity to 40 lbs.
2gig Keyfob$35Wireless Keyfob
2gig Wireless Smoke Detector$105Wireless smoke/heat detector.
Secondary keypad$180Wireless touch-screen keypad.
Image sensor$125Combination of motion detector and camera.
Z-wave Thermostat$150Remotely operable thermostat. Allows the user to monitor and change thermostat settings from any internet-ready device.
Z-wave Lock$225Remotely operable deadbolt lock. Allows the user to operate the lock from any internet-ready device.